Massey Coldbeck working in partnership with EBM Papst are able to offer from stock a comprehensive range of Axial Fans. 

EBM-Papst the world's leading manufacturer of high efficiency fan and motor products. With an extensive product range, world class technical support, bespoke design and assembly capabilities and a logistics service which is second to none.

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EBM Papst Backward Curve Range


Massey Coldbeck Stock Range

Stock ref
Data Sheet
K1G 220-AF89-06
R2D 225-AG02-10
R2D 225-AG10-21
R2E 133-AS52-10
R2E 133-BH66-07
R2E 175-AC77-05
R2E 175-AO77-12
R2E 180-AH01-13
R2E 180-AS77-05
R2E 190-AP88-14
R2E 190-RA26-05
R2E 220-AA40-05
R2E 220-AB06-05
R2E 220-AB08-43
R2E 225-AG03-13
R2E 225-BG47-09
R2E 225-RA92-09
R2E 250-AS47-05
R2E 250-AS47-11
R2E 250-AV65-01
R2E 280-AD09-09
R2E 280-AE52-05
R2S 150-AA08-29
R2S 175-AB56-01
R3G 133-AE07-18
R3G 280-AF42-62
R3G 560-AG21-XD
R4E 200-AL03-05
R4E 310-AF12-05
R4E 355-RB10-01
R4S 225-AB04-12



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New to our product rage EBM K1G220-AF89-09



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