Massey Coldbeck working in partnership with Ziehl Abegg are able to offer from stock a comprehensive range of Axial Fans. 

A place full of unique inventions to benefit our customers in the form of first-class products that are highly efficient and reduce emissions. We set high standards in our plans for targeted growth, profitability and for the future in general with consistently sound judgement and the premise of maintaining an environment that is worth living in, both for us now and future generations (e.g. the blue year initiative). ZIEHL-ABEGG – 3,550 employees, 16 production sites, 27 companies, 97 sales offices.

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Ziehl Abegg Fan Range


Massey Coldbeck Stock Range

Part No
Stock Code
Part No
Stock Code
FC 031-2EF 131163
ZAC 315-23
FN 035-4EF 126672
ZSC 350-41
FC 031-4EF
ZAC 315-41
FN 040-4EF 162481
ZSC 400-41
FC 045-4EF 126644
ZAC 450-41
FN 045-4EF 167872
ZSC 450-41
FC050-4EF 126646
ZAC 500-41
FN 050-4EF 140068
ZSC 500-41
FC 050-4DF 126659
ZAC 500-43
FC 056-4EF 126648
ZAC 560-41
FC 063-6DF

ZAC 630-63

FC 080-8DF
ZAC 800-83



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VEM EBM-Papst Ziehl AbeggUK Partner Stockist & Distributor



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New to our product rage EBM K1G220-AF89-09



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